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In order to achieve complete customer satisfaction and in order to reach customers loyalty our Company works with strenuous efforts at all levels. Our company improves continuously operating with the highest quality standard levels.

All improvements are based upon:

 1) Optimization of purchasing system and storage system with the aim to grant minimum products storage. 

2) Maximum flexibility and availability in relation to the types of accepted orders and short delivery time.

3) All ideas and proposal coming from all Company's workers will contribute to improve both: the product and the service to customers

4) Consolidation of the relationship with suppliers in order to optimize product quality, service quality and production costs.


The Management knows that the achievements obtained so far are the starting point. Consolidation of future improvements starts upon the basis already reached.

On this basis, it is fundamental to reach the following purposes:


- diversifying Markets focusing mainly on the development of those known as "emerging"

- Increase the turnover of the coming years, optimization, profitability and containing overall costs.

- Development of new products. This will consolidate the company's position on the transformers market in the world.


The Management realize that a big effort is required to the all Company in order to reach the fixed targets, and knows that no one will be less involved.

The Company will always provide the necessary support in terms of participation and in terms of appropriate investment, pledging itself to analyze and update this document yearly in order to ensure constant consistency and suitability to the needs of the market and the internal needs.