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ELETTRO  MAULE, ISO 9001 certified company, has considerable experience in the manufacture of: Off load  tap changers for transformers.

Production includes tap changers   with hand  control set and also with remote motorized control set  . Sizes of the tap changers are from  30A up to 1600A and for rated voltages from 10 kV to 72 kV.

Our tap changers are  appreciated  by our customers because :

  • of our choice for  special materials,
  • our precise and accurate manufacture combined with the easy  to assembly of all components.




Above mentioned  qualities lead our products to be  unique.

Our production is composed by : Standard and non-standard versions, this  to suit different customer’s needs.

All the different  tap changers versions shown in the catalog allow the customer  to choose the tap changer that better meets his requirements.

We can offer different accessories that will fulfill   special needs, or requests  : such as Installation in different environments, protection from wrong handling or similar

Different accessories are:


• Control set  with stainless steel shaft - oil tightness ;

• Security lock to prevent unauthorized maneuvers;

• Control set with Aluminum  protection cover.

• Tinned or silvered contacts/pins/ clamps.


We performed on our tap changers strict controls to check  mechanical characteristics  and electrical continuous performances. The Prototypes have been tested at CESI in Milan, as follows:

• Verification of temperature-rise limits (ref. IEC 214 '89);

• Verification of the resistance to the short-circuit current (ref. IEC 214 '89);

• Dielectric test  (ref. IEC 60-1 '89).


Tap changers passed all tests; Results  are  documented with reports n ° CESI: MP 96/030008, AT 96/017493, MP 96/030007, AT 96/023881, MP 96/035302, AT 96/034397, 99/005049 MP, MP 99/005050.